Sacred Woman Dance

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After my trip and the experience in Bali, I received a strong impulse to create a sacred space where to celebrate our femininity.


The woman is created to be gentle, smooth, soft, slow, graceful, light, creative, dancing.

When she moves in such way, being aware of the senses and the movements of her body while dancing, they come to life in the Holy Womb Space.

It is where the energy of the Goddess is hidden – the source of wisdom, power, creativity and ecstasy.


In this dance the body serves as a tool through which the Divine energy passes. The movements enliven and awake the whole energy body, lifting the Kundalini and purifying the channels. The deeper you enter into the dance, the more you start to experience higher states of joy, love, ecstasy.


Through dance, the woman immerses in her secret mystical femininity, creating a protected space where she can open and feel again the grace of the Goddess within herself. The sharing of the dance with other women creates a special space, a space for healing.

The dance is a portal between the Holy Divine and the liberation of the inner mystical goddess. The experience becomes a powerful accelerator of transformation and awakening.

Through regular practice, this energy can be released and lifted throughout the body, opening and expanding the woman’s potential. From there you connect to your sources of pleasure, creativity, art, and passion. A sense of calm confluence of love and grace which gives strength and fulfills all aspects of life.



Each Monday from 19.45 at “2healt hub”

Address: 109 Bulgaria Blvd, Vertigo Business Centre Vertigo


Clothes: long skirt or dress, jewelry