Purify Yourself with Yoga Nidra at Full Moon

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Full moon is that time of the month when the Moon reaches its full phase. It looks like the luminary light overflows and begins to diminish. As the natural companion of the Earth passes through its phases, we follow its rhythm, willingly or involuntarily.

The period of the Full Moon is a great moment to “brim over” and begin to let go.

The yoga nidra practice will help you to manifest and leave behind all that you no longer need in your life and open yourself to the new.

Yoga Nidra is a relaxing and restorative meditative practice that helps to relieve from stress and tension. The practice of yoga nidra clears and calms down the mind which allows us to plant in our sub consciousness our pure intention.

The salt has a very powerful energy structure and as a sponge absorbs all negative energies from us. It also helps the body to supply more Prana. Prana consists of the negatively charged particles in the air which give vitality to the body. Usually, the places with high content of Prana are the forests, seashores, mountains, places near water, and now it turns out, also the salt rooms.

When inhaled the salt releases negative ions, which neutralize the positive charge of our bodies. Positive ions are emitted from all electrical appliances that surround us in our daily life which create the so-called electric pollution (electrosmog). They are accumulated in the body, disrupting ions’ natural balance. The consequences are poor health, severe fatigue, insomnia, stress, irritability.

Fee: 30 BGN

The practices will be led by Adelina Katelinova:

Certified trainer by Yoga Alliance, India YTTC, RYT Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow, certified trainer by BSA and BYF 2013, Yoga Psychology – Gayatri ashram, India, TTC prenatal yoga, Psychologist, Profesional astrologer