Harmony of Masculine and Feminine Origin

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This is a yoga vacation in which besides the yoga practices we will have the opportunity, to experience the deep knowledge of Ayurveda thanks to Yuri Kovachev.

During this consecutive meeting, we will understand how the exchange of masculine and feminine energy happens from the very creation until today. We will examine the origin of the powerful and giving masculine energy and the presence of the soft and receiving female energy. How do they interact and what is that we have to do to have healthy partnership relationships?

We will understand why the woman makes a strong man, how important it is for a man to provide protection and security to the woman and what gives her strength.

Is there a way to preserve the feminine energy and how important is for the woman to honor her partner?

What does the woman want from a man and what does the man want from a woman?

We will talk about the levels at which we connect to our partners and which type of connection leads to a stable relationship. Is passion important and at which level it is created? How can we revive quenched relationships, and is it possible to do so at all?

You probably feel that you know the answers to these questions, but is this true and do you really apply them in your life? You will be able to answer this and many more questions after this seminar.

The cozy beachfront hotel St. Anastasia will be again our kind host.

In the mornings we will greet the sun with yoga practices, we will meditate, have fun and share.

The food will be ayurvedic, cooked according to the recommendations and guidelines of Yuriy Kovachev.