About me
About my way to Yoga

My way to yoga began mystically with one very profound experience. During a yoga practice which I attended in the past, I received an inspiration or vision – I saw and felt myself as a yoga teacher. The feeling was so strong and captivating that maybe for about 5 minutes I was the one who taught, there was no other teacher in the room for me, the teacher was me. My whole body and mind subordinated to this experience. As if someone had taken my mind and changed it – I do not know exactly what it was, but I know it changed my whole life! The feeling was so magical and powerful, though it seemed crazy then. At that moment, I had a business, and I never imagined nor wanted to be a yoga teacher.

But obviously, my contract with the Universe was such.

So yoga began to come more and more to me without even searching for it until one day I started teaching and my life became yoga.

I went through a number of yoga trainings, I used the magic of different styles, each time I trusted the Universe because I knew it was guiding me wisely.

I graduated from the Bulgarian Yoga Federation – NSA, where I got to know the Sivananda yoga system. I had the chance to meet one of the brightest teachers of Bulgaria and to take my first steps as a teacher. Then trips to India, meetings with other wonderful teachers, trainings in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow (RYT Yoga Alliance) followed. I had the opportunity to get familiar with the deep philosophy of the East, studying Baghwat Gita in India. I passed training in Ayurveda, which allows me to know people better and to adapt my practices to the different doshas. I graduated in psychology, and I turned my other hobby – the astrology, also into a job I adore.

So, under the wise leadership of God, I found my vocation. I turned my hobbies into a way of life, and now I celebrate life every day and I never stop to be grateful.

About the transfer of knowledge

I am only an instrument in the hands of God through which people get inspired.

I spent long time training, teaching, meeting many teachers, wandering and I managed to find out and understand that yoga is an inner feeling, something that you carry in yourself. Either you carry it or not.

I realized that my role is to transfer the ancient knowledge.

I felt and understood that none of what I teach is born or comes from me, it comes through me; I am only a tool in the hands of God. It was so liberating and at the same time inspirational.

For me the big catharsis in teaching happened when I realized that I do not give but transfer knowledge; that I do not teach but inspire. Sometimes the emotion in my classes is so strong that my eyes well up with tears of joy. I feel as if I have returned home. I’ve been looking for a long time and here I am, at home. In the hall and among the people, I feel at home.

About my yoga style – Art of Yoga

This is my style, my inspiration, my passion. This is a class in which we create with our bodies. In every class we admire our perfect body. I always say:

“Imagine that you are drawing. The body is a brush with which we create our lives. Enjoy each movement, feel, love your body. Make love with your own body. The connection with the body is the most important, the most intimate, mystical and loving relationship that we experience. Our body is the most faithful guide; it is much wiser than any teacher. Feel it and it will requite.”

In the past few years I also discovered the magic of the dance. The movements of the dance are so close and intertwined with yoga. I’ve always known that yoga, dance and movement are my life. So my style became even more feminine, sensual, filled with very gentle, relaxed, receiving energy, and at the same time, as I use the magic of Ashtanga, it is also dynamic, demanding very strong male energy and concentration.

For me it is a pleasure, magic, inspiration each time to stand on a mat in front of a room full of so beautiful souls, each carrying the whole Universe inside.

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