Yoga and the Magic of Ayurveda with Yuriy Kovachev

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During the the beautiful days of the autumn, on the beach, in the enchanting hotel St. Anastasia, we experience the magic of Ayurveda, revealed to us by Yuriy Kovachev.

This is the third consecutive yoga and ayurvedic seminar. Those of you who have never encountered the knowledge of Ayurveda will have the chance to do so with one of the best and brightest teachers in Bulgaria – Yuriy Kovachev.

Those of you who have attended some of the previous seminars will be able to recall and build on their knowledge.

This time we will start with a class on the three doshas and our body. We will recall the characteristic features of the different types and what to do in order to balance our body and emotions.

After that we will get familiar with the seven tissues and odhas, which in its essence will give us understanding about the immune system.

The third lecture will be on nutrition, how to eat properly according to our body type, and Yuriy will make one cooking demonstration.

We will re-engage in the eternal theme of partnership and the level at which we connect with our partners. And many other themes that Yuriy covers so fascinatingly.

We will begin the days with morning yoga led by me – Adelina Kirilova. In the afternoons we will relax with easy practices listening to the sound of the waves.

The food will be ayurvedic, prepared to the special recommendations given by Yuriy Kovachev.

Tentative programme:

7.30 – 9.00 – Yoga practice

– Breakfast

11.00 – 13.00 -Class

– Lunch

– Free time, leisure walk, massage, biking, tennis…

16.30 – 18.00 – Yoga practice

– Dinner

After dinner we can have a meditation or rest. The programme is not fixed.

Phone: 0895661 161 – Adelina

Phone: 0885 858 523 – St. Anastasia Hotel

The yoga practices will be led by Adelina Kirilova.